The best places I’ve worked on a Superyacht

Being able to work abroad means you can experience some of the most beautiful and charming destinations you’ve never heard of. This is one of many great benefits of working on a superyacht. Yachting is the perfect job for anyone who loves to travel, see different cultures, and immerse themselves in the diverse parts of the globe.

Working In Spain

Palma de Mallorca, Spain, was the place where I had my best job while working as a superyacht captain. Mallorca is only 35 minutes from Spain’s mainland. It is home to some of the most stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, delicious food, and great places to party. Its people are what makes it so special. They are friendly and will make you feel at ease. Because you are an island, it is a tight-knit community. It is possible to experience it in small towns and villages outside of Palma.

Atmosphere and Culture

Palma is famous for its historic center. You can find beautiful architecture in the old town, as well as the Santa de Maria Cathedral. Tapas Tuesdays are a strong tradition in Spain. Tapas Tuesdays sees restaurants and bars selling small, delicious finger foods and being accompanied by a special drink. This is the place to go in Palma on a Tuesday. The cobblestone streets are the place to be for the night. You will find great bargains on clothing and niche products in the old town.

Where to be

The Bourne is in Palma, which is the next best place. This is the place to spend any tips you’ve earned. Here you will find most of the top-brand shops. Shop till you drop. The Bourne is home to beautiful flower markets, coffee shops, well-known restaurants, and is known for hosting concerts and festivals. They decorate the street with a giant tree during Christmas. Christmas lights hang between the trees and around them. The Bourne is a wonderful place to visit during Christmas.

Palma is a paradise for food market lovers. Nearly every day is a different day at the market. These markets offer a taste of Spanish culture through their food. At these markets, the popular Spanish paella is a hit. It’s a wonderful experience when you combine all of this with a good Spanish red or cerveza (beer).


The Balearic islands are home to some of the most spectacular beaches, beaches clubs, crystal-clear waters, cliff diving, and other unique activities. It is worth taking the time to explore these incredible beaches and enjoy some downtime. Relax and enjoy some of the most famous beaches clubs.

Working In The Bahamas

The Bahamas were a totally different place than the Mediterranean. It is a paradise for tourists, with a wide variety of culture, food, and islands. The weather is great and it has the most relaxing feeling. I have never seen such turquoise water, white sandy beaches, endless palms, or coconuts. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.


Bahamians have a vibrant, joyful and vibrant culture. Their hospitality and exquisite dress are a testament to their warmth. You will be amazed at the food. The sky juice, jackfruit tacos, conch salads, and jerk chicken are all amazing. It is here that you can experience the Bahamian cuisine and clothing. You will find a number of restaurants with different colours that serve a wide range of cuisines. This is definitely a must-see.

Beaches and Islands

The Bahamas are known for their beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. I have never experienced water this clear before. This is the best place to free dive. The visibility is amazing and there are plenty of shipwrecks and statues. Ocean Atlas, one of the most impressive underwater statues, was placed here to support the weight of oceans and divert tourists away from endangered coral reefs. Made from sustainable materials, she is specifically designed to promote coral growth. Exuma islands offer a unique experience. There are 365 islands you can visit. It is an amazing experience to walk the waters with the swimming fish, feed the iguanas, or take free diving lessons in the Bahamas. You can take a day off and enjoy a glass or two of wine on the beach while taking in the Bahamian sunshine.

You can explore the world through superyachts. We can help you get started on your yachting journey.

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