Although not all strategies are applicable to you, you could save thousands of dollars each year by implementing a few.


Now I can hear my grandmother:

“If you don’t ask, you won’t know!”

She was correct. This tip saved me many thousands of dollars, and counting.

There are two possible approaches to this problem:

Act proactiv

You can call a vendor that you regularly pay for such things as trash service, cell phone carriers, cable TV, and cell phone carriers. You can thank them for their great service, and then ask for a discount.

It will take just five minutes. A five minute phone call can save you thousands of dollars over the years.


This is not an attempt to avoid paying for the service you have used.

This is illegal. It is also illegal. Do not do it.

We have been notified and are now awaiting a bill.

Yesterday my wife received a $500 bill for a test that she had agreed to take. Contrary to what she was informed, insurance didn’t cover this expense.

My wife wanted to pay the bill, and then move on. I suggested she phone me to explain her misunderstanding and ask politely for a discount.

The results?

They got $300 off

How many times have your missed a call due to being too busy? You could be missing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Noah Kagan actually made $2,000 just by asking one question.

What is the worst outcome?

Absolutely nothing!

This is one of my favourite money-saving strategies. There’s no downside risk and unlimited upside.


Some people can’t let go of their expensive cars when it comes to savings money. That’s fine, as long as your financial plan is not in danger.

It is more cost-effective to purchase than to lease if the goal is to save money.

You want a reliable used car that you can maintain for the long-term.


You won’t be paying a car loan if you pay your auto loans.

However, leasing means that you won’t own your vehicle. Monthly payments will be made towards an asset that is losing value every minute.

A lease exchange service is a great option if you are stuck in a contract and want to get out.

Bottom line: If you want to save money, get rid of your lease and buy a used car with low miles.


Budgeting is often the focus of all attention. However, tracking your spending is the secret to saving money that no one talks about. I have found that the most financially successful people know exactly where each penny goes every month.

You can make informed decisions when you know where your money is going.

Knowledge is power.

Is this good or bad?

It depends!

Golf is very important to me. To maintain my golf expenses, I am willing to sacrifice in other areas.

My wife and I decided, however, that $3,000 per annum spent on cable TV was not meaningful.

We were able to reduce our bill by more than 60% with this knowledge.

You don’t know where your money goes if you don’t keep track of your expenses. This makes it difficult to know where and how to save money.

This is a 3-step process to track your expenses and save money.

  • Choose a tracking system that suits you. You could use Mint, YNAB or our free fillable spreadsheet.
  • Keep track of your expenses for at least three months. Do not make judgments about your spending or rush to make changes. Keep track.
  • Take action and review your options. This knowledge will allow you to start by identifying the highest cost first, and then determine if it aligns with your goals. If it is not, you should take action.

We were concerned that this exercise could slip through the cracks so my wife and me hired a bookkeeper who would track our expenses. We meet every quarter to review our finances and to discuss any changes or goals.

It is important to develop a repeatable, reliable system that works for your business. Keep at it, and you will see magic happen.


Is it worth spending money to have fun? Sometimes, it does.

To get to a concert you must pay and no one is giving away free food.

There are many ways to have fun, even if you don’t have the money.

You can save money by setting aside $0 per month for entertainment. You can have as much fun as you like without spending money.

These are some great free entertainment ideas that will get you started.

  • Learn yoga on YouTube
  • Find Meetup groups that match your interests
  • Register for free trial to try the various streaming services
  • Play a board game, or the daily NY Times Crossword Puzzle mini!
  • You can start a small garden using seeds from your local seed sharing program

There are many ways to save money while still having fun. Don’t be fooled by anyone.

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