Debt Review:

  • An affordable monthly budget
  • Restructuring debts to only one monthly repayment
  • All communication with Credit Providers will be taken over
  • For reduced payments, negotiate with credit providers
  • Legal protection

An affordable monthly budget

Your debt counselor will help you create a budget that is affordable and a debt repayment plan that suits your needs. Your debt counsellor will provide advice and guidance to help you manage your finances so that you can avoid long-term debt.

Restructuring of debts

Your designated debt counselor will assist you in restructuring your debts. Only one monthly payment is required to a payment distribution agent, which will pay all creditors on your behalf. You will be able pay your monthly debts and still have enough money to cover your daily expenses. Including your bond.

Communication with credit providers

You are not required to contact your credit providers while under debt review. All further communication will be handled by your debt counsellor.

Negotiating with credit suppliers

Your debt counselor will work with credit providers to extend the terms of your debt repayments. This will lower the amount that you have to pay each month towards your debt. This will allow you to afford your living expenses.

Legal protection

Your creditors may threaten you with legal action if you are placed under debt review. The NCA protects you during debt review. This means creditors can no longer harass you and should not communicate any further with you. All legal issues will be handled by your debt counsellor.

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